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Quizzes for Books

(possible to win 1 of 6 paperbacks of each book)

*only requirement is to own an eBook. eBooks are $.99-2.99*

{Paperbacks are from $12.99-21.99= to give perspective.}

*This contest is open to readers every year. Answers MUST be submitted through the Author Contact (Home Page) from the months of July to the second week of December so that winners can be allotted and books sent out by the holiday season in December. You can resubmit if you didn't answer everything correctly but author will not inform you of which answers were wrong.

Please say which book you are submitting answers for and number each answer so it is understandable. Include your name and email address. Good luck!*

Assassin's Guild Quizzes

Vision of a Torn Land:

1.)In Vision of a Torn Land (prequel book), what was the Star Date most of the story was set in?


B.) 4012


D.) 4023


2.) Which weapon does Zanishiria prefer the most?

A.) shée (fighting) fans

B.) katana (sword)

C.) shuriken (throwing blades)

D.) preshair whip


3.) So, you read the books and think you're all smart, but did you actually learn any Las'wa? How would you say "thank you" in Lakean?

A.) Kye moreay

B.) Kye rei'un

C.) Kye mureak

D.) Kye reyh'or

E.) Kye'ey


4.) Who was Zanishiria's teacher?

A.) Seivier Shay'renor

B.) Master Judeao Quinn

C.) Seivier Reyh'nor Sei'air

D.) Seivier Tyracor

E.) Shi'tai Varonon

F.) Air'is Soreneay


5.) How many clans make up the Assassins' Guild?

A.) 10

B.) 72

C.) 12

D.) 34


6.) Which of these plants is not native to Obseen?

A.) mica

B.) florick moss

C.) sayva

D.) tarol tree

E.) tarn bush


7.) What does Taysor look like?

A.) a large plain

B.) thick jungle

C.) semi-arid desert

D.) large valley

E.) hills with tarol forest

F.) rugged mountains


8.) How did Manscor gain control of the Assassins' Guild:

A.) inherited it after his father's death

B.) he was promoted to the position by the Royals

C.) he "won the right to it" through his fighting prowess

(as per Assassin Guild protocol)

D.) he killed off the Guild seat-heads

*this is tricky, think!*


9.) What do the Emperor's Elite call themselves?

A.) Zair'ek

B.) Royal Guard

C.) con’stól

D.) Honoreds


10.) What game did Manscor use to keep track of his forces?

a.) Uh, he didn't, it was on computer

B.) checkers

C.) chess

D.) Go


11.) Zanishiria took Anmero through the "City of Glass", which was which city?

A.) Xsenume

B.) Creed

C.) Taysor

D.) Nyhore


12.) What did you like about the book?

13.) Any favorite characters/piece?

14.) Something you didn't like?

15.) Any other comments to share with the author?

The Cost of Redemption:

1.) How many years has passed since book one?

A.) 1

B.) 2

C.) 3

D.) 4


2.) Whose death created a rift between Tarin Saerric and Zanishiria?

A.) Royal Doz

B.) Emperor Manscor

C.) K'sho Reese

D.) Art'or Coursay'sora

E.) Sye Rainer


3.) Which weapon did Tarin use that Zanishiria called "tasteless"?

A.) shuriken

B.) gun

C.) dagger

D.) brass knuckles

E.) lazer force spike


4.) What nickname does Shane Sinhail call Zanishiria?

A.) seimora

B.) clanless

C.) sor'eya

D.) so'aet


5.) What creatures were sent after Zanishiria (to track her down):

A.) Creeshts

B.) Tereniks

C.) Kusarii

D.) Flicks


6.) How many student teams entered the Yearly Tournaments?

A.) 72

B.) 82

C.) 10

D.) 144


7.) Who bested Zanishiria in a fight?

A.) Shane Sinhail

B.) Tristen Sihai

C.) Isen Sareim

D.) Remmen Himaire

E.) The Legion masters

F.) Both A and C


8.) Trez'ek, the Trayshan "great" sword is named after what natural element?

A.) Rain

B.) Lightening

C.) Thunder

D.) Fire


9.) Which fighter from the Shairés still won despite being shot with a suraik dart?

A.) Zanishiria

B.) Sky Shopain

C.) Lap Torez

D.) Marcos Shriek

E.) Kraic Shay

F.) Shane Sinhail


10.) Who was the winner of the first Individual Team Trial from the Yearly Tournaments (post Royals’ war)?

A.) Dăveed Quinn

B.) Shane Sinhail

C.) Ace Shiro

D.) Page Torez


11.) The Yearly Tournament was held in Naitnoum which is in which territory?

A.) Edis'daln

B.) Taysor

C.) Balthnor

D.) Nyhore


12.) What did you like about the book?

13.) Any favorite characters/sections?

14.) Something you didn't like?

15.) Any other comments to share with the author?

Crystals of Syre Quizzes

Awakening (Book 1)

1.) Let’s start off easy: How many kingdoms make up Syre?

a. one

b. four

c. seven

d. eight


2.) Which kingdom does the series start off in?

a. Crystalynian

b. Crystal

c. Staria

d. Rubia


3.) Which stone is already active in book 1?

a. Amun (citrine)

b. Kevel (ruby)

c. Serein (sapphire)

d. Bellor (jade)


4.) Which royal was considered a child protégé and Fighting Champion since the age of fifteen?

a. Prince Al’den Maushelik

b. Prince Connel Sunrise

c. Prince Par Fantill

d. Prince Kent Argetlem


5.) How do the Tashek of Staria (Sheev’anee) communicate with distant forces?

a. By magic of course. Duh.

b. Carrier pigeons

c. Smoke Signals

d. Falcons


6.) Who was Princess Éleen Eldon-Tomino betrothed to?

a. Prince Connel Sunrise

b. Prince Al’den Maushelik

c. Prince Kent Argetlem

d. Prince Jace Eldon


7.) Who proclaimed Zyanthena Sheev’arid should marry him?

a. Decond (farrier)

b. Lord Darshel Shekmann

c. Prince Al’den Maushelik

d. Terrik Sheev’arid


8.) What objects were given to Roland Seagold on his quest to find the lost “Ruby of Sunrise” and King Richard?

a. A letter and a compass

b. The king’s sword and a map

c. A Sunarian coin and a gold bracelet

d. A pocket watch and a book


9.) Which of these royals does not play an instrument?

a. Princess Éleen Eldon-Tomino

b. Prince Al’den Maushelik

c. Prince Connel Sunrise

d. Prince Kent Argetlem


10.) Which prince was running around Syre in disguise?

a. Lance Starkindler

b. Jace Eldon

c. Rowin Sunrise

d. Kent Argetlem


11.) How does Staria commemorate soldiers’ deaths?

a. Burn pyres

b. Burial with a funeral procession

c. Send boats out to sea

d. Celebration ball


12.) Where do Lord Darshel Shekmann and Zyanthena Sheev’arid end up at the end of the book?

a. Red Palace (Rubia)

b. Ruins of Crystanian (Crystalynian)

c. Citadel of Light (Staria)

d. Back at the Shekmann demesne


13.) Who was your favorite character(s)?

14.) Who was your least?

15.) Any favorite places in the book?

16.) Any other comments to share with the author?

Revelation (Book 2)

1.) Where is the setting in book 2?

a. Crystalynian

b. Crystal

c. Staria

d. Rubia

e. Sunrise


2.) Which royal did not participate in the battle of Bil’cordys?

a. Richard Sunrise

b. Jared Eldon

c. William Fantill

d. Lanar Starkindler


3.) Which stone covered Syre in snow too early for the Season?

a. Bellor

b. Vauldin

c. Ravel

d. Serein

e. Sevén


4.) Who is the lost Heir of Crystalynian?

a. Verrin Xraxrain

b. Rowin Sunrise

c. Zyanthena Sheev’arid

d. Decond (farrier)


5.) Who is Prince Par Fantill hung up over?

a. Princess Éleen Eldon-Tomino

b. Lady Yvonne Limonté

c. Lady Rosetta Greyson

d. Princess Zerra Starkindler

e. Princess Celeste


6.) How does Rowin help the captees survive maunstorz imprisonment?

a. Gives out his share of food

b. Barters for more food/supplies

c. Finds a way to sneak out to scavenge

d. Makes up games for them to play


7.) Patrick Kins and Jacen Novano are sent two Tashek maidens to help them get an expedition together for Snow Thaw. Which clan are they from?

a. Tem’arid

b. All’ani

c. Sheev’arid

d. Siv’arid


8.) Where has Princess Eldon-Tomino ended up in book 2?

a. Citadel of Light (Staria)

b. Luck City (Sunrise)

c. back home (Blue Haven)

d. LaPoint Manor (Staria)

e. Golden Palace (Golden)


9.) What does Par Fantill have commissioned?

a. a sword

b. boats

c. a scouting party

d. a standing army


9.) What powers does Vauldin possess?

a. calling memories, water-control

b. animal-speak, electricity-control

c. invisibility, storm-control

d. stone-to-stone communication, healing


10.) Whose death had an impact on Prince Argetlem?

a. Sage Cooper

b. King Merretham Maushelik

c. Lieutenant-commander Eric Sloane

d. his mother


11.) What was used to threaten the King of Sunrise to not cross Mansocan?

a. his son’s head

b. a chopped-off finger

c. a dagger

d. a skinned tattoo


12.) From who does Zyanthena say she gets most of her tutelage in ancient Syrean?

a. Queen Kestral Xraxrain

b. Richard Sunrise

c. Ferris Galandrés

d. a ghost


13.) Who was your favorite character(s)?

14.) Who was your least?

15.) Any favorite places in the book?

16.) Any other comments to share with the author?

Colorado Cowboy Romance Stories:

My Texas Streak:

1.) Where is the setting in the book?

a. San Francisco, California

b. Gunnison, Colorado

c. Mesquite, Texas

d. Denver, CO


2.) What color is Tex?

a. bay

b. sorrel

c. strawberry roan

d. dun


3.) Rose of Paradise’s name came from a song sung by which country singer?

a. Waylon Jennings

b. George Strait

c. Hank Williams

d. Johnny Cash


4.) Where was Ty and Sarah’s first date (official)? [And: did you know these are all actual places? The author pulled from real locales to help inspire the book.]

a. Twisted Fork

b. I Bar Ranch

c. Grizzly Rose

d. Gunnison’s Cattleman Days


5.) When does Ty realize he’s falling for Sarah?

a. after their first “not official date”

b. after meeting Sarah for the first time

c. at the Gunnison rodeo grounds

d. on his trip to Texas


6.) Why had Sarah returned home?

a. finished school

b. was between semesters

c. was on suspension

d. had quit UCSF


7.) Where is the location for the CO ProRodeo finals?

a. Denver

b. Colorado Springs

c. Montrose

d. Grand Junction


8.) What was the name of Sarah’s boyfriend in CA?

a. Daren Combs

b. Seth Gooding

c. Trevor Williams

d. Robert O’Malley


9.) Which country artist was not mentioned in the book?

a. Waylon Jennings

b. George Strait

c. Clay Walker

d. Pat Green


10.) Who had stolen Tex?

a. an unknown horse thief

b. Trevor Williams

c. Gene Tucker

d. Daren Combs


11.) Who was your favorite character/part in the book?

12.) Anything you didn’t like?

13.) Other comments?

14.) Are you ready for more Colorado Cowboy Romance Stories?

Call Me Home:

1.) Where is Rene when she gets into her accident?

A.) Cortez, CO

B.) Alamosa, CO

C.) Salida, CO

D.) Denver, CO


2.) Which horse of Rene’s needs the most help after the accident?

A.) Peaches

B.) Caz

C.) Eddie

D.) Cutter


3.) Where is Rene from?

A.) New Jersey

B.) New York

C.) California

D.) Vermont


4.) What treat did the Murphys’ serve their guests after the clinic concluded?

A.) brownies

B.) ice cream sandwiches

C.) waffle cones filled with marshmallows, chocolate, and strawberries

D.) blueberry cobbler


5.) What is Rene’s “nickname” for Seth (she and Carly use)?

A.) Cowboy

B.) Mr. Good-looking

C.) Mr. Gorgeous

D.) Hot Stuff


6.) What (horse) sport does Rene compete in?

A.) Reining

B.) Jumping

C.) Barrel Racing

D.) Eventing


7.) Her first night in the carriage house, Seth give Rene a gift. What was it?

A.) blanket

B.) photograph

C.) box of chocolates

D.) jewelry


8.) What did Kyle want from Rene?

A.) the house

B.) her horses

C.) a ring

D.) for her to come home to him


9.)  What does Seth do to get Rene’s horses back?

A.) he doesn’t do anything

B.) trades his truck

C.) sells off his property

D.) sets up a “Go Fund Me” for Rene


10.) Where does Seth propose?

A.) at the carriage house

B.) at a fancy restaurant

C.) at the mall

D.) at his property


12.) Who was your favorite character/part of the book?

13.) Anything you didn't like?

14.) Other comments?

15.) Are you wanting more cowboy romance stories?

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