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Assassins' Guild of Obseen: The Cost of Redemption:


Assassins' Guild of Obseen (Prequel Book, Vision of a Torn Land):


Crystals of Syre (book 1, Awakening):

Revelation (Book 2 of Crystals of Syre) on Amazon at:

My Texas Streak: A Colorado Cowboy Romance Story:


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Call Me Home (2nd installment in A Colorado Cowboy Romance Series


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Author Bio:

Lindsey Cowherd is a Colorado native, acupuncturist, lover of fantasy and cowboy romance books, and an avid natural horsemanship devotee.

Despite being licensed as an acupuncturist since 2010, Lindsey still finds time for the small stuff: writing, watching almost anything Asian on streaming, singing and playing guitar, and especially enjoying time with her horses and dog.

She started writing as a young teen; the Assassins' Guild books being among the first full-length novels she ever thought up beyond her normal obsession with horses. Next, was her enthralling and detailed series the Crystals of Syre.  Turning to a world immersed in martial arts, magic, and “places not of this world” has given her an outlet from everyday living and circumstances out of her control.

In 2019, Lindsey has also delved into the genre of cowboy romances.

“Sometimes you have to walk a dark road to get to the light.”


2019 Published by Lindsey Cowherd​
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